Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas shopping at its finest

Me and Cam at the big Christmas party we helped plan. And my hair is really misbehaving in this photo.

I love Christmas. Love, love, love it. I really enjoy buying presents and this year my budget is much tighter than normal, so I have been trying to be all thrifty. And in my search to be thrifty, I have come across a number of websites that I thought I would share:
Do you have any suggestions?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Smile, smile, smile

So many things have made me smile recently, but today there are a few things in particular that have kept a grin on my face.

Couldn't you just eat her up?!

Unbelievably beautiful. Both of them.

My boyfriend is a goober and I love that.

Please turn up the volume and listen until the end. I have listened to this thing no less than five times. By 2:30 I am laughing so hard I am crying. I knew there was a reason this was my favorite Christmas tune.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My weekend in photos

I just had the most wonderful weekend. Seriously, top notch. But instead of writing a diatribe about all the events, I'll post photos. With commentary, of course.


Cam and I and Wendy and Brandon went to the Fulton County Development Dinner at The Ritz Carlton in Atlanta.

Doesn't my trouser/shirt combo look like a long, elegant dress?

The decor was gorgeous. And Brandon and Wendy aren't that much taller than us. It is completely the angle.

As Cam's aunt said, this looks like a Christmas card.


We helped out at Clark's Christmas Kids with Clark Howard (from AM 750 WSB). So, I can cross #3 off my 108 in 2008 list - Volunteer for a worthy cause. Here we are laughing at Bridget. I like how Rick looks like he is praying.

Here's the whole gang with Clark Howard.

Cam secretly took Wendy and my photo as we shopped for the kids. It looks like I am patting an imaginary cat here.

Me and the beautiful Wendy. Notice a subtle difference between this photo and the next one?

And it's not our smiles.

Cam and I pause for a photo op between bagging presents up.

Sorry mom and dad. But you are meeting him this Sunday!

Afterwards, we all went to Hot Dog Heaven - located in Woodstock - for THE BEST hot dogs in Atlanta. And they have the best sweet potato fries and onion rings and friend green beans and... I HIGHLY recommend trying it out.


Cam took me to see A Christmas Carol at The New American Shakespeare Tavern on Peachtree Street. I absolutely love this place, and the show was awesome! They still have tickets available for upcoming performances and I highly recommend you going to see this show. I also had food there for the first time and it was very tasty (and reasonably priced!). AND I was able to cross #5 (see a play) and #70 (go to the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern) off my 108 in 2008 list.

Cam and me before the show. I still look a wee bit tired from the day's activities.


On Sunday, Cam and I met up with Wendy and Brandon at a political reception.

Don't they look fabulous?

I LOVE this photo of them. They look so happy!

Cam and me.

Sadly, I have no photos from Sunday evening, which I spent having dinner with one of my best friends, Julie. I hadn't seen her in quite a while, so it was a real treat to hang out.

Can you see why the weekend was so fabulous? And except for dinner on Sunday, it was all planned by Cam. He is phenomenal.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm in LOVE

Yesterday, Cam and I were walking around a mall because (a) I need new jeans, (b) I had no idea what size I am currently in different brands, (c) I want to shop for clothes on ebay because it is cheaper and need said sizes, and (d) I needed an excuse to hang out with Cam.


While we were walking around, I saw a new store: Heritage 1981. Which I just looked up and found out that they are a new concept store from Forever 21. Oh my clothes-y goodness.

And apparently I strut around when I try on new clothes. A little bird named Cam told me that last night.

But wouldn't you, if you were able to try on these items?

I'm in love with this store!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Quietly thankful

So, rather than post about the hundreds of things for which I am thankful, I am just going to give you some very sage advice:

When a Lean Cuisine package says to cook something on 50% power, you should. Trust me.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday night football, a 2008 Olympic gold medalist and American rapper T.I.

Last night Cam invited me to go to the GA Tech vs. Miami game (where Tech kicked Miami's butt!) and I happily went even though sitting out in the cold while having a cold is not the best idea (don't worry mama and daddy, I'm fine). Highlights of the game included:

- Seeing two-time Olympic track and field gold medalist and former Yellow Jacket Angelo Taylor.

He was right in front of us, but I still couldn't manage to get a photo of his face.

- American Rapper T.I. - who was arrested on felony weapon charges last year - came out to the game. Ah, Atlanta's finest. Well, not really, but he was very kind and took photos with everyone.

The cheerleaders were way too happy to have their photo with T.I.

I think he is looking right at me.

- Hanging out with my buddy, Brandon - Cam's cousin.

Yes, he is a football coach.

- Having Cam's mom text us to say that we were on ESPN! Well, Cam and Brandon were. She said my eyes and above made it into the frame. See photo below for why that may have happened.

This was at a political event this week. Can you see why I did not totally make it into that shot? [L-R: Cam, me, Wendy (a good friend of mine and Brandon's girlfriend), Brandon] And damn, I need a new point-and-shoot camera!

- And the best part - hanging out with Cam, who made sure I had a bum pad to sit on, hot cocoa to sip on and an enormous jacket to wrap myself in.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sick as a dog and photos!

So, I spent Sunday and Monday sick. Like nausea, congestion, headache, sore throat sick. And then I came into work today. Not a good idea. I'm on antibiotics, but I'm not feeling the greatest. But rather than continuing to bitch about it, I'm going to post photos from a wonderful event that I was able to attend last Thursday through the Executive Leadership Foundation. Actually, my friend Joel (who you may remember from the event in February) asked me to be his 'date' for the event.

The dinner honored World War II veterans. Coach Bill Curry was the keynote speaker while Joel was the emcee. I can't tell you how moved I was by the video that they showed honoring the WWII veterans. In addition to being thankful for their service, I thought of my dad and how proud I am of his military service and all the sacrifices he made for this country and for my family. (I love you, daddy!)

So, now that I'm all teary-eyed, here are some photos from the evening.

Close-up of me and Coach Bill Curry.

Coach Bill Curry, me and Joel take 1.

Coach Bill Curry, me and Joel take 2.

Coach Dan Reeves and me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My little chili pepper

Y'all never saw my beautiful niece, Ava, in her official Halloween costume.

Ava, my little chili pepper, and her dad.

Isn't my little chili pepper adorable?

Speaking of spices, I still need more recipes. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the post below! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A little recipe help, please

So, I am getting serious about my 108 in 2008 list thanks to a very dear person in my life and I noticed that I have a lot of food items I am supposed to make.

I don't know if you know this, but I do not cook. Give me a frozen dinner and microwave any day. It's not that I can't cook, I just don't. And so I am reaching out to the Internets (yes, I am talking to YOU), and asking for recipes for the following items:

  • Homemade ice cream (I can totally borrow an ice cream maker if I need to. And, um, who has one I can borrow?)
  • Tacos
  • Bacon, avocado, lettuce sandwich (now, I realize there are certain ingredients that need to be used here - yes, I'm not that bad of a cook - but does anyone have any sauce/dressing/spread that would go well on this type of sandwich??)
  • Biscuits from scratch
  • Cake
  • Homemade bread

Me proving I can cook - though this was taken over a year ago while I was visiting my BFF in France.

The reason I am asking for recipes rather than searching on my own (which I have done, thankyouverymuch) is because I want recipes that have been made, tested and found to be very tasty. I really appreciate any help y'all can send my way. And any readers who have never commented before, please do so if you have a good recipe. I won't bite and I would very much appreciate it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I want to win, I want to win

So, I did something this morning that I never do! No, not that. I called into the local radio station that I listen to every morning - Q100 - because they have David Cook tickets!! Natasha Bedingfield and O.A.R. are also playing (and I like both of them a lot), but oh my gosh, did I mention they have DAVID COOK tickets!

Q100's Miracle on West Peachtree Street

Kole and I watched American Idol because of David Cook. This man was a part of my guilty pleasures post. His CD is on my Amazon wish list.

Smolder, smolder, smolder

And yes, I realize I am 27 years old and I have a celebrity crush, but if you have one, shouldn't he be able to sing like this?: David Cook on YouTube. You have to click on the link because the stinkers won't let me imbed the video. It's totally worth watching, so please go see it. I'll wait.

You see what I mean?

So, this blog post would have been a lot more awesome if I had actually won, but after calling into the station NO LESS THAN 50 TIMES and only getting the busy signal, I gave up. But they are giving tickets away all week and I have this strange feeling I will be calling in every day. Because Q100 is the only one who has tickets and I would like to see a miracle this holiday season.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Laughter is the best medicine

Because today, more than most, I need to laugh. And maybe you do too.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Friday!

Ava and Nola hope you have a good weekend!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

We fry everything in the South and Rock Band

So, yesterday, my best guy friend from high school, Bryan (hello, Bryan!), and I went to OK Cafe for lunch (tasty, but overpriced). And instead of taking a photo of us, I had Bryan take a photo of the menu. Because I wanted everyone to see the first appetizer.

Can you read that? Yep. Fried cheese grits with jalapeños AND cheese dip. Only in the South my friends.

And then Bryan sent along this photo from a fairly recent party, where I was, um, rocking out at Rock Band. And apparently I wear that white shirt a lot.

I love the expression on Ryan's (Bryan's twin brother) face in the background.

**All photos taken with Bryan's iPhone.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Free stuff for voting and things to do while bored in line waiting to vote

After my boss texted me that he had a two-hour wait at the polls this morning, I grabbed a new book (Wild Swans by Jung Chang) and headed to my polling place ready to get a few chapters read. But I waited just five minutes to vote. Five. It took longer to get to the polling place. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. On the one hand, I got my free Starbucks coffee faster, but on the other hand, does that mean people in my precinct aren't voting? I'll just allow myself to think that they all voted early or will be meandering in later today.

My free Starbucks (Thanksgiving blend - very yummy) and my Georgia Peach voter sticker.

And speaking of free Starbucks - here is a whole slew of free items you can enjoy after voting (you don't have to prove that you voted - apparently that is illegal - thank you anonymous commenter - and some places are regional and promotions probably vary from place to place):

- Ben & Jerry's: Free scoop of ice cream between 5-8pm. (locate)
- Books-A-Million: Free cup of coffee (locate
- California Tortilla: Free taco (locate)
- Chick-fil-A: "Several hundred" of 1,400 Chick-fil-A restaurants are handing out chicken sandwiches (the kind normally $2.70) to adults (locate)
- Krispy Kreme: Free star-shaped doughnut with "patriotic sprinkles". USA Today reports that 85 of 231 Krispy Kreme locations will participate. (locate)
- Shane's Rib Shack: A free "Celebrate America Meal": 3-piece chicken tenders, fries, and 20-ounce drink—to the first 300 customers at participating locations, according to their press release. (locate)
- Starbucks: Free tall coffee at "any Starbucks." Just tell them you want your voter coffee and see their recent TV ads. (locate)
- Vote & Vax: National project by non-profits to offer free flu vaccinations on Election Day. (locate)

And even though I only waited five minutes, you may have to wait longer in line, so here is a *list of items to keep you preoccupied while you wait to vote.

1. Try to develop psychic powers, then use 'em.
2. Inflate a beachball and throw it around the area.
3. Sing show tunes.
4. Make loud animal noises then deny doing it.
5. Think of new pick-up lines. See if they work.
6. Pretend you're flying a jet fighter in the war.
7. Churn some butter.
8. Conceive a brand new language.
9. Is the ground made of bricks or tiles? Count 'em.
10. Plot revenge against someone.
11. Think of nicknames for everyone around you.
12. See how long you can hold your breath.
13. Take your pants off and give them to the next person in line.
14. Chew on your arm until someone notices.
15. Change spots every three minutes.
16. Think of ways to cheat at Trivial Pursuit.
17. Shave.
18. Run across the area, tag someone and say, "You're it."
19. Announce to the line that you are God and that you're angry.
20. Think of five new ways to use your shoes.
21. Start a wave.
22. Walk around the line begging for spare change.
23. Roast marshmallows.
24. Practice phrasing your answers in the form of a question.
25. Crawl around the line humming the music from Mission Impossible.
26. Take apart your purse.
27. Pretend to communicate with your home planet.
28. Play rock-paper-scissors with yourself. Accuse your left hand of cheating.
29. Do a quick tapdance routine.
30. Try bird-watching.
31. Walk up the line yelling, "Popcorn! Hot popcorn here!"
32. Throw your purse at someone.
33. Run to a car window, then say, "Sorry, I thought I saw the Bat-signal."
34. Ask the person in front of you to marry you.
35. Start laughing really hard and say, "Oh, now I get it."
36. Make a sundial.
37. Give yourself a new identity.
38. Write a screenplay about a diabetic Swedish girl who can't swim.
39. Dig an escape tunnel.
40. Announce your candidacy for President.

*I ripped most of this list from another website, but I don't remember where. And I altered it to make it appropriate for voting, but all in all I don't have that much time on my hands to create such an extensive list. Though you thought I was really creative there for a sec, didn't you?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Did I mention how much I love my family?

Prior to showing you a million photos of my beautiful family, I wanted everyone to know that Starbuck's is treating every voter to a free 12 oz cup of coffee tomorrow. So, make sure you stop by your local store for your free cup of joe after you vote. I know I will.

Nola, my sleeping angel

"Auntie Nicole, what is that clicking sound?"

"So, I'm awake. Now what?"

What big eyes you have!

Giving her auntie a grin.

"I stick my tongue out at you, Auntie Cole."

"And now you're boring me."

Ava has so much energy now!

Nola checking out her cousin's new ride.

"You want to join me?"


"Auntie Cole, why are you always hiding behind the big black thing that blinds me?"

Mama and Nola.

Auntie Steph with Nola.

"My fist is rather tasty, Auntie Steph."

"Who's the crazy lady with the camera?"

"This is my gang sign. Represent."

Ava loves her Auntie Barb.

This photo cracks me up!

And now, lots of photos of me and Nola!

Thank you, Steph, for taking the photos.

"Auntie Cole, you're squeezing too hard."

"That's a bit better."

"Now I shall drool on you while looking unbelievably cute!"

"I like this!"

"Auntie Cole, your hand is scaring me."

Barb looks lovely in her Halloween outfit.

Hm, do you think Steph went to UGA?

"I love looking at my grandma (not pictured because the woman won't let me take her photo!)."

Nola in her teddy bear outfit. So cute!

"I'm not sure how I feel about this, mom."

"You and me both, cuz."

I think my dad read one of my latest blog posts, because he made me delicious pancakes! Thanks, dad!

With blueberries. Mmmm.

"Mom, your hand is delicious."

"There's that light again!"

"Hee hee. Grandma is funny."

"Auntie Cole, I'm not feeling your need to take photos of my every move."

"So, I shall suck my lip at you."

"And then make the same face in every photo."

"Or maybe not."

Smushy kiss!

"You again?"

"My mom will protect me."

"I'm just showing my range of emotions here."

"This is my stoned look. Ma, I'm hungry."

She is too beautiful for words!

Mama and I about to go out for a night on the town. Doesn't she look lovely? And I'm a lot taller than mom, but this is what happens when she wears spiked heels and I wear ballet flats.

My handsome daddy.