Thursday, November 6, 2008

We fry everything in the South and Rock Band

So, yesterday, my best guy friend from high school, Bryan (hello, Bryan!), and I went to OK Cafe for lunch (tasty, but overpriced). And instead of taking a photo of us, I had Bryan take a photo of the menu. Because I wanted everyone to see the first appetizer.

Can you read that? Yep. Fried cheese grits with jalapeños AND cheese dip. Only in the South my friends.

And then Bryan sent along this photo from a fairly recent party, where I was, um, rocking out at Rock Band. And apparently I wear that white shirt a lot.

I love the expression on Ryan's (Bryan's twin brother) face in the background.

**All photos taken with Bryan's iPhone.


Stephanie said...

I miss the South.

Ryan Farr said...

Everyone used to make fun of me for liking guitar hero before it was popular. Who is laughing now! lol. But seriously, Rock Band is cool.

Chris said...

Speaking of fancy-ish Southern food, have you tried Flying Biscuit Cafe? I had a fried green tomato with goat cheese and some sort of relish on top there. It was excellent.

I feel like such a yuppie now.

zandria said...

Fried cheese grits with cheese dip!!! I like the occasional indulgence just as much as anyone else, but that combination sounds like a little much... :)