Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday night football, a 2008 Olympic gold medalist and American rapper T.I.

Last night Cam invited me to go to the GA Tech vs. Miami game (where Tech kicked Miami's butt!) and I happily went even though sitting out in the cold while having a cold is not the best idea (don't worry mama and daddy, I'm fine). Highlights of the game included:

- Seeing two-time Olympic track and field gold medalist and former Yellow Jacket Angelo Taylor.

He was right in front of us, but I still couldn't manage to get a photo of his face.

- American Rapper T.I. - who was arrested on felony weapon charges last year - came out to the game. Ah, Atlanta's finest. Well, not really, but he was very kind and took photos with everyone.

The cheerleaders were way too happy to have their photo with T.I.

I think he is looking right at me.

- Hanging out with my buddy, Brandon - Cam's cousin.

Yes, he is a football coach.

- Having Cam's mom text us to say that we were on ESPN! Well, Cam and Brandon were. She said my eyes and above made it into the frame. See photo below for why that may have happened.

This was at a political event this week. Can you see why I did not totally make it into that shot? [L-R: Cam, me, Wendy (a good friend of mine and Brandon's girlfriend), Brandon] And damn, I need a new point-and-shoot camera!

- And the best part - hanging out with Cam, who made sure I had a bum pad to sit on, hot cocoa to sip on and an enormous jacket to wrap myself in.


Renee said...

You know, I am not a fan of American football but all of these college games you've been posting about do look like a really fun time!
Lovely, smiley photos!

Meaghan said...

Well, you don't LOOK like you have a cold. Looks like you had so much fun!

Ryan Farr said...

So have you finally come to the light side and want Tech to destroy UGA this week? I know you will make the right decision, lol. Glad you had fun at the game. College games are always awesome.