Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Georgia Tech Homecoming in Photos

Saturday after the half marathon, one of my best friends, Cam, treated me to a game at Georgia Tech. And sadly, while it was Tech's homecoming, Virginia won.

As a footnote (wait, wouldn't this be a sidenote?), I actually injured my left foot (now you see why I said footnote - ha!) during the half marathon. I can't put any pressure on it and I'm really hoping it's just bruised. So, while I was extremely excited to be in the front row at the game, I was less than excited about having to walk up and down a huge flight of stairs every time I needed to, ahem, answer the call of nature. Which happened once every quarter. And once every quarter Cam would have to help me up and down the stairs while people sent pitying looks my way and asked if I was okay. And every time Cam offered to carry me up and down the stairs, but even though he is a burly 6'4" and I am a slighter 5'8", I couldn't take the idea of being a damsel in distress. Because I am just that stubborn.

So, here is the game in photos!

Me and my friend Michelle at my first tailgate! It was a wonderful first time. They did it right with a great tent, great food, great beer and great company! And three guys asked me and Michelle if we are sisters - do y'all think we look that much alike? I think it was the fact that she and I both talk with crazy hand gestures and have long hair. That and all of us Georgia Tech girl fans look the same.

Me and Cam chillin' in the sun.

Michelle and I thought this little boy was too cute, so Cam went and grabbed his photo. I hope we didn't scare his parents.


Buzz and I became friends.

Me looking up in awe.

If you look behind us you will see how far up I had to go to find a restroom. Man, I'm complaining a lot. I really did have a great time!

Cam posin'.

Football player bums.

The band. Did you know I marched the sousaphone in high school?

Yep, he really is that tall!

It was a gorgeous day!

I'm so street.

Notice I have put on a sweater. It got chilly!

The Ramblin' Wreck, me and Cam.


Anonymous said...

You look SO BEAUTIFUL in the second to last picture. What a great photo!! (Not that you aren't always beautiful but that picture is especially beautiful)
Love, Steph †

Jonathan et Kari said...

I agree. Bee-yootiful. I love your hair.

Ryan Farr said...

I can't believe Tech lost....stupid Virginia. Sigh. Great pictures though!