Friday, February 22, 2008

Prom 2008

Well, I didn't really go to prom, but doesn't this photo look like I did?

My friend Joel, the morning radio host on WGKA 920 AM, was the MC for Edu-Pack's Valentine's Day Gala, and I accompanied him to the event. Edu-Pack is an organization that distributes free school supplies to poor children in the USA and developing countries.

Things have been really difficult around these parts lately, so attending a nice event was a wonderful way for me to get my mind off everything and to spend Valentine's Day. And for me, dressing up is always a real treat. I can throw off the business suits and really let my hair down. And it really is a formal event if I take off my glasses. Because we all know that sacrificing the ability to see all night is just the first step on the road to high fashion.


Slice of Pink said...


Jonathan & Kari said...

Whoo wheet!

That's me whustling. I love your hair!

Meaghan said...

You look great!

andrea said...

Aw, you look fabulous! And I love the prom pose :)