Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I figured today's commercialized day of love would be a good time to list some of the things I am loving. And these are in no particular order.

1 - Good Reads - It's like crack. Soooo addicting.

2 - My family. After returning to the US from a 14-month stint in England, I still become almost giddy with every visit.

3 - Living with Kole. This is the best living situation I have ever had with a non-family member. And since she's one of my best friends it's like a perpetual slumber party.

4 - My morning coffee.

5 - Having time to read non-school related books!

6 - Having not one, but two pregnant sisters.

7 - My knit night ladies.

8 - My students in English School.

9 - My friends, especially those who stay in contact even though we are on different continents.

10 - Mexican food. Oh, pork enchiladas how I love thee.

Simple and short, but these things mean so much to me.

What are you loving on this Valentine's Day?


andrea said...

Happy Valentine's Day Nicole! I can't wait for you to become an aunt, you will love it!!

Jonathan & Kari said...

I am loving...

1. mid-morning coffee with biscotti.
2. the thought of only one more day until I can sleep in.
3. GoodReads and having good books to add. Right now I'm reading 'Best Food Writing 2005' and am enthralled.
4. phone calls with BFFs.
5. fuzzy slippers and pjs.
6. tomorrow being pizza night.
7. my new computer :)
8. a good cuppa.
9. blogs
10. Trey.

Chris said...

I can't testify to the rest of these, but I know you're seriously hard core about Good Reads. I get an e-mail alert about you adding more books pretty much every day.

Remind me never to enter a reading contest with you.

Julie said...

What a fun idea! I'm loving:
~getting to sleep in tomorrow, and...
~making pancakes for breakfast
~the BBC versions of the Jane Austen books on Masterpiece Theater (Sunday night at 9!)
~my bi-monthly-ish trips to library, which generally lead to staying up too late in the evenings to read a whole novel in one sitting
~my down comforter and jersey sheets
~Beth Moore's new study, "The Psalms of Ascent"
~my Netflix subscription
~my 25 kids, most days

Peggy said...

see recent blog post. how do you like that i answered your question before i knew you'd asked? it's like one mind, i tell you. anywho, glad also that i've reunited with your so-called life after continually forgetting to tell kari about the broken link she had for your blog this whole time that had caused me to lose touch, and then finally remembering to tell her which she corrected soon thereafter, as i knew she would.

Renee said...
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Renee said...

i love a lot of those things too!
i also love your 108 in 2008 idea and think i will do something similar, but for me it's going to be 28 big things with sub-categories for smaller things.

for example, i would like to READ MORE and a sub-category would be a list of books i ought to read. so far i've finished two books this year which is a huge feat for me as i might actually be the slowest reading MA graduate ever.

i'll get on this list in the next few days