Thursday, July 1, 2010

Living on a budget: Part 1

The following conversation occurred after Cam finished setting up our new home infrastructure plan, combining our Internet and TV with my cell phone in a bundle package in order to save some money.

*Phone rings*

Cam: Hello?

Nicole: Hi, babe. I just got an email confirmation from AT&T saying you finished putting our new package together. I forwarded it to you.

Cam: Great.

Nicole: How much will the new bill be?

Cam: It will be (undisclosed amount). They are setting up everything on July 10.

Nicole: Will the (undisclosed amount) show up on my bill?

Cam: Yes... (pause) Is that OK?

Nicole: Of course it is! How much were we paying before for just cable and Internet?

Cam: About (undisclosed amount). [our previous cable and Internet bill is the same amount we will be paying for cable, Internet AND my cell phone].

Nicole: Great, honey! You are saving us about $600 a year!

(another pause)

Nicole: And no, you can't spend the extra money.

Cam: But socks! I need socks!

I think we might need to loosen the budget strings a little.


anunmaker said...

You could always knit him some socks!!!

J. et K. said...

Way to crack that whip, right from the start ;)