Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A travel-size life

The hubby just got home from a business trip and he came back with roses, chocolates, and other romantic gifts! Actually, the only truthful part of that statement is that he just got home from a business trip. I have to give him some credit, he DID come back with:

(i) a two-serving bag o' coffee
(ii) two tea bags
(iii) three little plastic cups
(iv) a travel-size shampoo
(v) a travel-size conditioner
(vi) a travel-size lotion
(vii) a mini soap
(viii) a mini razor kit
(ix) and the kitchen sink

Whenever we stay anywhere that offers toiletries, coffee, etc in the room, we end up bringing back almost everything that isn't nailed down. I have always grabbed items from hotel rooms and other locations because we do, in fact, pay for them when we rent a room, but I learned a whole new level of - let's call it getting our money's worth - from my husband.

Do y'all do this? At what point do you say, we have enough travel-size items? I guess the main question is: do we really need them? Though if we didn't have them, I would miss pretending to be a giant as I pour shampoo on my head.


Stephanie said...

We only pick them up if we really like the scent of them. We just don't have room to store all that stuff!

Although last year for our anniversary we stayed in this really nice place that had super luxury bathrobes that I really wanted, but they very clearly stated that if you wanted to take yours, there would be an extra charge on your bill. Darn.

J. et K. said...

Wow. Those are some Borders-esque qualities, for sure. Which means, of course... smart and thrifty. :)