Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I put myself out of commission the last few days. By kicking my desk at work last Thursday.


I reinjured my foot - the one that had a stress fracture from running my first half marathon in October of 2008. I knew the bones on the top of the foot are fragile, but I didn't realize they were that fragile. I have been sat up at our house during my weeklong vacation. But today I got my old Orthopedic boot from Kole's house and my little sis called to let me know she has crutches.

So, look out world. Here I come! If ever so slowly.

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J. et K. said...

I assume this was an accident and not kicking out of anger. (If not... watch out Cam!)

Hope your foot heals quickly. You really should see an osteopath to be sure it heals correctly. I know a good one ;)