Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thrifty Finds: bird salt & pepper shakers from Pier 1

I love birds. Not so much chickens and roosters or swans and other long-legged birds, but cute, fat little birds - like birds in the Paridae family.

Because of this, ahem, mild obsession, bird decor can be found in small batches throughout our home. Cam looooooves it. Let me tell you. Um, not really. He battles back with deer heads, rifles, and portraits of dead presidents and generals on our walls. And the giant, bleached, stuffed beaver in our dining room.

I kid you not.

Anyways, I always get excited when I find fabulous bird accessories, especially if they are thrifty finds.

Slowly walking through Pier 1 yesterday without any intention of purchasing anything - I find the store very overpriced - I saw these beauties cuddled up on a shelf. They chirped, "Buy us."

True story.

Knowing that I can't spend money on every cute little item I find - adorable birds or not - I flipped the darlings over to find the price. $3. Let me repeat. $3. For both.

So, this is how they look on our formal dining room table. Actually, they were sitting on a beautiful bird tablecloth - a wedding present from my dear friend Kole - but I needed more of a contrast for the photo.

What do you think? Do you have a theme to your decor?


J. et K. said...

I love them.

Maybe one day I'll bring my little ceramic zebra S&P shakers from Kenya over and the four little guys can play together.

Stephanie said...

Aww, I love them! Very cute, and for $3, a great find!

Abby said...

I call my theme "cat hair"... lots of it.

;-) Awesome find!!

anunmaker said...

They are precious...My style? Early American Hand-me-down! with yarn thrown in!

Anonymous said...

Ryan feels pretty much the same about my dragonfly obsession. But as a side note, I finally found a pretty dragonfly wine stopper just this past weekend! Yay!!! (been looking for years)
Love, Steph