Friday, July 11, 2008


Thank you to those who posted questions yesterday, but I should qualify what I meant when I said ask anything. You can ask anything, but I may not answer. :) I will most definitely stay away from politics and religion and since certain members of my family (hi Dad!) read this blog, I won't answer any questions about my sex life. Does this make me a bit boring? Meh. Maybe.

And since I haven't written answers to those who posted questions - and thank you for asking them - I'm going to leave that open through the weekend - feel free to add to the burning questions - and post answers on Monday. You are gripping the edge of your seat in anticipation, aren't you?

And I'd love to get some more feedback about the book list. Seriously, I am a bookwork and a half and LOVE to get recommendations.

UPDATED: I was able to get my beautiful, older sister on the phone to send me some photos of Ava to wish you a proper Happy Friday/Weekend.

Ava smiling at herself in the mirror.

Oh, stop.

Ava says have a great weekend... or else!


fort knocks said...

I knew it. So if you don't answer, does that mean I won? Or did I lose? Dang it.

Peggy said...

you should definitely come visit Seattle--it's a great place. but i recommend coming before mid-September...after that point, the weather will be really sucky til next july. :)

Jules said...

I finally thought of a question for you: since the Taco Bell on at 685 Duluth Highway has been demolished (solely by your doing?) only to have them rebuild a newer Taco Bell model, will you give the new one a chance? Or have you been scarred for life by your terrible "running for the border" experience? Inquiring minds (me) and chihuahuas (not me) want to know.