Friday, July 25, 2008

Rocking out at Smyrna's Village Green

A couple of weeks ago, I joined Abby and Bryan, and some of my other girl friends, for Smyrna Village Green's concert series featuring 7 Sharp 9! Per usual, Abby did a great write up on it. You can see it by clicking here.

I'm being lazy so I'm just going to post a couple of photos. :)

We like each other. A lot.

Yes, I did get my hair cut to add sidesweep bangs and many layers. Do you like it?

And I just realized I can cross #32 off my 108 in 2008 list! Woo hoo!


Abby said...

Cute! I was looking at your 108 in 2008... you should visit: (for #23)

It's a really cool way to throw a party, and you get LOTS of fun free stuff to give away and keep. I saw it on Good Morning America recently - I've already applied to a couple of parties!!

Love you!

Jonathan & Kari said...

I do, I do love 'do.

Stephanie said...

For the record, Smyrna is misspelled in the headline. Which I am allowed to point out because I'm an editor and I was born there :)

I like the photo of you and J too! Cute cute.

zandria said...

You're such a cutie! :)