Friday, June 13, 2008

Warm, delicious memories

Today I had one of those emotional, scent-triggered memory moments that put such a smile on my face. I was pouring my daily cup of coffee and we must have switched grounds because today's coffee scent took me back to my first 'real' job out of college, when I was a press secretary for a US Senate candidate.

I was so nervous my first day on that job, because the day I began work was the same day I interviewed for the position! I sat in the interview, greener than a hybrid-driving hippy, and my soon-to-be-boss basically said, you're young, you seem like a hard worker, your resume looks good and I'm going to give you a chance. Can you start right now?

I was so happy and eager to take on the world at that moment. And my first job assignment? To make coffee. This was not officially on my job description, but because I was the newbie, and the youngest on the campaign at that time, it fell to me on that one day.

My new boss took me to our break room and I brewed the first pot of the day and I remember savoring the delicious smell of the coffee as it gurgled through the filter. After he took his first sip, my boss told me that everything was a little easier after a good cup of coffee in the morning and that I was in for a wild ride over the next 12 months.

And I now know how lucky I was to have had that interview, to have gotten that job and to have shared that first cup of coffee with an incredible mentor/boss and now, friend. So today, I stood just a little longer in my office's break room, savoring my daily cup of joe and thought about how much I've changed since I took that job five years ago, but how the aroma of coffee still gives me an excitement to take on the world. How's this for a cheesy Friday post?

Five years after this wonderful man gave a kid a chance. I should take him out for a cup of coffee.


La Petite Chic said...

Wow, being offered a job right on the spot and starting that very same day?! I probably would have hyperventilated! And also, a good mentor makes all the difference in the world.

Kate said...

Great post - you should definitely take him out for coffee :)

Happy Friday!!
- Kate :)

zandria said...

What a great memory! It's funny how scents are tied into our pasts like that, isn't it? I read somewhere that we're able to retain scents better than things we actually view with our eyes. :)

Stephanie said...

I had one of these scent-triggered memories the other day too, only not quite as pleasant as yours. Scott tried to cook "bison steaks" with barbecue sauce, but it reminded me of the treats we used to feed my grandmother's dog when I was really young. (He's a good cook, bad choice of meat.) Besides the memory, the only other thing is triggered was my gag reflex. Needless to say, we hit up the fast food before work.

Jonathan & Kari said...

I like cheesy. And coffee. :)

Meaghan said...

Awe! This was good! I remember when you had that job cause you came to visit the paper where I was working. It was a short little reunion of sorts!