Thursday, June 19, 2008

Growing up so fast

As requested by my BFF, here is an updated photo of Ava from my sister's cell phone. Because as Kari put it, "So when do we get some updated photos of Ava? It's been almost two weeks... Do you know how long that is in baby years?"**

Drunk on milk.

And at this rate, I suspect that by next week Ava will have gotten her first tattoo, sassed back at her mama and jumped on the back of a Harley with some guy named Johnny.

**For the record, I couldn't agree more with Kari. I freak out every time I see how much this child has grown!


Jonathan & Kari said...

She really does look like a Barry (ie. beautimous) and I'm not even one to usually see the baby-parent connection.

How's Barry Baby number 2 coming along?

andrea said...

Aw, I love the milk coma! She is beautiful!

Abby said...

Love it.

You forgot that she will also be caught in scandalous clothing before she jumps on the Harley.

It's an important detail. :-)

La Petite Belle said...

awww SO adorable. I love those little tiny lips!

Slice of Pink said...

Whata cutiepie!

Meaghan said...

She makes me want to take a nap - makes sleeping look really good! I loved the part at the end. It made me think of "Dirty Dancing." No one puts baby Barry in a corner!