Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dr. Nicole

I love my gym. It's full of wonderful equipment, great locker rooms and nice people. In it, I have re-discovered my love of running and sweating like a mofo. And today, oh yes, today, I realized how gyms really bring people together.

I had just finished my shower and was headed towards the mirror to beautify myself (which takes time people), when I overhead two women talking about spider bites. I, being very unshy, described to them what spider bites look like because I have been bitten numerous times. So, when one of the lovely ladies, says, "Well, is this a spider bite?" while pulling her, erm, pants down, I happily commenced diagnosing her ass. Literally.

Yeah, she totally flashed her butt at me. And yes, it was a spider bite. I'm just hoping that the other women who walked by don't think I am this huge self-esteem breaker since I was staring at a woman's bum with intense concentration while saying "Yeah, it looks pretty bad."


Abby said...

Oh my.

Only you could manage to make friends with the spider-bite-on-her-butt lady. At the gym.

AND she showed it to you!!!! Too funny.

Slice of Pink said...

Too funny!

So, how bad WAS IT? Like, did she need to go the hospital? What should one do about a spider bite, anyway?

Renee said...

oh my god, i hate my gym.
i wish i enjoyed it, i wish that i could go and have a nice time... but i just can't.
i force myself to go because i know that once i start seeing results i'll like going.

but oh man it's tough.
you are my first bit of inspiration collected at the first stop on a train to liking the gym.

Meaghan said...

Is this coming from Nicole, who, in college, would walk around the room (only of girls of course) in a not-so-shy way? Or was that Kari? Or both of you?!