Thursday, June 26, 2008

Skinny jeans

Have you ever had a pair of jeans/trousers that you refer to as your skinny jeans? Yeah, me too. And guess what??? Last night, for fun, or for pure torture as the case could have been, I tried on my skinny jeans for the first time in almost two years. And oh my goodness. They fit. Perfectly.

I knew training for a half marathon would have many benefits, but is it REALLY vain to say that fitting into those jeans has made me happier than any other benefit, like being healthier, being more alert, sleeping better, etc?

Oh, who cares. I'm doing a chair dance IN MY SKINNY JEANS.


Abby said...


I keep my skinny jeans in my closet. They WILL fit before the wedding. :-)

Proud of you!


fort knocks said...

Girls are weird.

I'm going to go poke a beehive with a stick.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations! I think have a few pairs of skinny jeans...ahem...depending on how "skinny" I get ;)

Meaghan said...

That's great! I'm about to have to buy maternity jeans, so I'll make you feel even better when I come to visit!

La Petite Belle said...

ohhh totally! I'm fit, and I go to the gym everyday, and I'm the first one to admit I don't exactly do it for the health part. awful to say but it's the truth. congrats on fitting into your jeans!

zandria said...

Of course it's okay to be happy about your skinny jeans! You're running for your health and fitness, but it's GREAT to be able to claim other fringe benefits!! :)