Thursday, April 10, 2008

Play Family Feud Online!

Damn you, Chris!

Play Family Feud for free by clicking on the image below. You'll either thank me or hate me later.

Family Feud 2


Slice of Pink said...

There goes my grades!

Anonymous said...


Meaghan said...

I'm going to give some answers for the one on your blog...

1. Get shot in the balls.
2. Gun won't work.
3. Beautiful woman walks out in front of him.
4. Realizes he forgot to wear pants.
5. Is really slow.

Eh, probably not on the list, but you know...

Chris said...

Ha ha. This is supposed to be the over-arching theme of my blog, after all.

You see, if I bring down the overall productivity of average office workers, two good things will happen:
1. Companies will have no choice but to hire more people, boosting the economy, and
2. My low personal productivity won't seem so bad.

(I'll ask you to kindly disregard any holes in the logic of these points.)