Thursday, April 24, 2008

Deep thoughts of the day

Have you ever noticed how music goes out of tune when you yawn? I guess it makes perfect sense really, since your ears close up when you yawn. Am I the only one who notices this strange occurrence? Am I the only one who cares?

There is a man at the gym, about 35-ish, who is in really good shape. And after running on the treadmill, he always comes and stretches in front of me. I mean, bends over and grabs his ankles stretching while facing the wall in front of me. Got the image in your mind? Yeah. And I am no where near his treadmill. He walks across the room so I have a full-access to his flexibility. Why does he do this? Truthfully, I'm much happier watching the news.

Steph, my older, pregnant sister, is full-term, though her baby is not due until May 8. I keep asking her to have the baby early because I have business trips on her due date and a couple of days after. Is this wrong?

I can't wait until tomorrow!


Maya said...

oh wow, one wants to get pregnant and glowing just looking at those pictures of your sister. you must be so excited, the first one of babies is due any day now! by the way your latest april 24th post was really funny and random, and randomness well woven together!

andrea said...

That is just wrong about the man at your gym! I hope he isn't wearing short shorts!

And yay for your almost niece, I can't wait to hear the good news!

Meaghan said...

Sounds like gym guy thinks pretty highly of himself! Sorry you have to witness the stretching. And I hope you don't miss the delivery of your niece!

Abby said...

EW - EW - EW!!!!

Purposely bending over in front of someone at the gym is NEVER appropriate. :-)

Can't wait to catch up!!

zandria said...

So I guess you're saying this 35-ish man is too old and/or not attractive? It does seem kind of obvious that he's interested if he came over to "stretch" right in front of you! :)