Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The WORST nail salon in Atlanta

Well, the worst that I have tried.

On April 30, the day before my wedding, I really wanted to go somewhere special to have my nails done. I had purchased a Groupon coupon to be used at the Cure Nail and Body Bar in the Castleberry Hill part of Atlanta. As an aside, I shall one day declare my love for all things Groupon in a post that will most likely be long and drippy.


I have always gone to the $30 mani/pedi places, and for the past year or more I have done my own nails (which I highly recommend!), but I thought that an $80 Spa Tender Toe Love pedicure and Palm Passion manicure - that I got for $35 thanks to a deal I bought through Groupon - would be amazing. But Cure Nail and Body Bar was so unbelievably horrible.

The first part of the day had been wonderful. My bridesmaids and I had a great lunch and margaritas at No Mas! Cantina (a delicious, but overpriced restaurant). We were looking forward to what we thought would be a great day at a nail spa. Um, no.

The owner was INCREDIBLY RUDE from the moment I called to confirm our appointments; she didn't want to hear that my mom had been unable to join us. She made me feel extremely uncomfortable and guilty. Who wants to feel guilty about a nail appointment??

The Cure Nail Bar is fairly pretty inside, but nothing special. My nail technician was very sweet, but it was her first day EVER working at a salon and she didn't know what to do. At all. She kept asking other staff members what to do, but no one seemed to know what to tell her. She was shaking she was so nervous. One of the strangest things she did was to randomly buff the nails on just one of my hands, and when I asked why she did it, she couldn't find an answer. She seriously didn't do anything but rip up the cuticules on both my feet and hands because she actually pushed back my cuticles while they were dry!

The polish job on my feet and the shaping of my fingernails were so bad that I told her just to put clear polish on my hands. I wish I had photos. My bridesmaids also had terrible manicures and pedicures, including misshapen nails and a french manicure that was hot (HOT) pink. The staffers kept asking each other what to do next and they all looked so stinkin' confused. It was so uncomfortable to watch, and I left there feeling horrible and sad.

Thankfully, the next morning I went to Nail Trend in Marietta and they did an incredible job. So, in the end, I had pretty nails for the wedding. The girls at Nail Trend kept asking who had done my nails and even told me that my nails and cuticles were really messed up. Seriously, if you are thinking about going to Cure Nail and Body Bar, find ANYWHERE else to get your nails done.

If I can keep just ONE person from going to this horrible nail "spa," I will feel 100 percent better about my experience there.


Ellen said...

I am so with you on groupon. Oh and I love our new blog banner! Hope all is well!

J. et K. said...


It's lovely to have you blogging again.

Never heard of a groupon (or anything else that has come in vogue since 2004) so fill me in!