Thursday, June 24, 2010

A 20-something for a little longer

In Februrary, I turned 29. Woo. 29.

Can you feel the excitement?

Am I where I want to be since I turned "almost 30?" The next statement could not be truer: I am in a place I never thought I wanted or where I thought I could be, but I am so happy to be here.

I married my best friend; I finally figured myself out enough to stop worrying about becoming something and just being; and I started a new career path that I truly enjoy.

Are things perfect? Not even close. Would I trade it for anything? No.

All that to say, I feel I have some things I would like to do before I'm 30. Even though I kind of sucked at my 109 in 2009 list.

So, in the spirit of my blog friend Janet's "30 Before 30" list (on which she received an "A"), I will spend time during my family trip to Florida this weekend coming up with 30 things I would like to do over the next eight months.

Suggestions are, of course, most welcome. Encouragement (and chocolate) are also appreciated.


Ben said...

If you want to cruise my list for suggestions, I started a 30/30 list back when I turned 29 and am writing a blog about doing the stuff on the list.

J. et K. said...

Good idea. I should make my own list...even if my 'deadline' comes a little sooner.

Glenn and Cile said...

Kari told me you were back to blogging and I am so glad! I've missed following you, even though it was sporadic. Hope to see you and meet Cam this fall! The Masson/Borders address will be 382 Chicopee Drive, Marietta, 30064, the missionary home of Marietta FBC. It's about 1/2 mile from Walker School. Drop by anytime you are in the area!