Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More than alive... doing really well

So, I have found that having two other blogs (A Cooking Bird and The 109 in 2009 - which I update nearly every day) takes away my desire to post regularly on this one, even though this is my online scrapbook, where I am trying to keep up with events so I remember them years from now. And A LOT has been going on. BUT (there's always a but) I'm really busy with work and just trying to enjoy as much time as possible with Cam, my family and friends, so A Different Bird is not getting as much love.

And in lieu of Valentine's Day photos (well, for the moment - maybe I'll get around to posting them after I finally download them), here is a photo of me and Cam from December last year.

We'd been dating a month at that point. And believe me, we still look that happy. Maybe even more so.


Meaghan said...

You two make a cute couple! And I think the bottle neck goes well with you two! heehee!

La Petite Belle said...

awwwww thanks for sharing!!!! you guys make a really cute couple!!