Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Different Bird Interviewed: Part II

My friend, Janet, blogger extraordinaire of Slice of Pink sent me the following questions (per my request). Janet is a sweet, sweet person and a great blogger - you should check her out!

1. If all the impracticalities were sorted out for you, what animal would you most like to have as a pet?

A dwarf hamster. It's not an impractical pet, but one I have wanted for many, many years. In fact, I made Cam (he was willing) go into a pet store the other day so I could go stare and squeal at the cute little hamsters. After visiting the store, I definitely want a Roborovski hamster, the smallest of all domestic hamsters.

And from what I understand, they live the longest of any type of domestic hamster. Maybe the impractical part would be that the hamster would have his own room with tons of space to run around and lots of piping and other hamster goodies. And he would have lots of dwarf hamster friends in the room with him, obviously.

2. What is your before-bedtime routine?

It's funny you ask, because I am extremely anal retentive about my before-bedtime routine. In this order, I floss, brush my teeth, wash my face (especially concentrating on getting the eye make-up off) and then slather moisturizer on. I change into my pajamas, get into bed, either text or call Cam and then read while on my back to stretch it out. Then sleep time!

3. What are you wowed by the brilliance of?

Maybe this seems like a shallow answer, but stand-up comedians who kill at improv. Cam and I went to see Rich Hall at The Funny Farm Comedy Club recently, and I was awed by how quick and funny he was on his feet as he interacted with the audience. (If you haven't seen him, you really, really should!)

4. What were you like as a six year old?

I was extremely inquisitive and a bookworm. You would sometimes even find me reading in the bathroom for hours on end because I couldn't manage to put the book down. Not even for two minutes apparently. I loved playing on the swing set with my sisters but also coming up with new games inside the house, like crock pot (weird name, I know). I had a huge imagination and I would make up episodes of Beverly Hills Teens (an 80s cartoon) and tell them to my sisters at night. I loved to draw and color and play Barbies. I remember taking the blame for some things, even though I hadn't done them, just to keep the peace and get past interrogation from my parents. I was a very loving child, always snuggling up to my parents and I remember hugging my Kindergarten teacher a lot (Mrs. Fox), but not my first grade teacher (Mrs. Christopher) because I didn't like her. I remember, even at 6, wanting to be the best in the class. After reading this back and thinking about it, I really haven't changed all that much. Life's funny like that.

5. You win $5,000, all of which you must spend in only one store. Which store do you choose and what do you buy?

I would actually choose Target, because I could get an assortment of items for reasonable prices.

Now, I want to go all out for #5, so I am actually going to fully answer that in another post. Thanks for reading!


Stephanie said...

That is a really cute hamster...

La Petite Chic said...

I think I would pick Target too! I just adore that store :)