Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things that have bugged NiKole

Things that have bugged me this week (and it's only Tuesday):

(i) After standing in line at a Subway for 30 minutes with people in front of me waiting the same amount of time, the people directly in front of me still didn't know what they wanted to order when their turn came. I understand it's a difficult decision, but come on. You had 30 minutes to decide on that foot-long tuna fish with lettuce, no mayo, just mustard;

(ii) loud co-workers; and

(iii) driving through a flood (though I am grateful for the rain).

And from the mouth of Kole (this blog's very own advice guru)

(i) not being allowed to telecommute when your physical presence is not necessary in the office;

(ii) people cutting you off in traffic; and

(iii) my Blackberry not charging properly though I think it might be because I have dropped it one too many times.

What's bugging you this week?


Simply Being Still... said...

So Funny! I have to agree with you. If you are in line that long what is there to think about? Loud People in general get on my nerves, along with "smartarses" and narrow/closed minded ppl. Something that bugs me are ppl who blame everyone, everything and/or all things besides themselves for the way they are or why they can not get ahead.

Stephanie said...

1. It's going to be a long holiday weekend and I have nobody to spend it with since my husband is going out of town.
2. People who saunter along the sidewalks when I've got somewhere to go.
3. People not having stuff ready for me at work when I need it. Seems to be a theme this week.

Jonathan et Kari said...

I feel your pain on the telecommuting, although I must say I haven't been denied that pleasure recently. But every time I mention the days I'll be working from home the upcoming week, I can feel a knot in my stomach as I just dare them to tell me I can't for some reason - or worse, as you said, none.

zandria said...

Oh, Lord! I'd be annoyed at all of those things, too. They all SUCK...