Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My nieces!

Here's a photo-heavy post for Wednesday. You have to make it to the bottom of the post. The best part is at the end. Happy Hump Day!

A special moment right after Nola was born.

Smiling on the light treatment table. Nola was born with Jaundice, but is doing fine now.

This is just a beautiful photo.

Pretty in pink. This was Nola's special outfit when she left the hospital.

Finally home with daddy!

She's being swallowed by my favorite color!

Look how tiny!

I think she was full.

Grandpa holding his newest grandchild.

Doesn't it look like Nola is trying to cover her ears?

"Here's the 411. You cry, they pick you up. You cry, they feed you. You cry, they change you. You scream, you get whatever you want."


Jonathan et Kari said...

She is so teeny! I love that last one. Excellent captioning, BFF.

Renee said...

Beautiful little girls! I especially love the one with Nola and her mum where her tiny little legs are showing... the third from the top. So precious.

andrea said...

I told Finn not to tell Ava all the secrets, but he clearly didn't listen...and now she is passing on the wisdom to Nola.

They are simply adorable :)

La Petite Belle said...

omg #2 made me MELT! and your sister looks beautiful, I wish I looked like that right after I gave birth.. haha

Abby said...

They are so squishy and CUTE!!!

I want one. I need to tell my sisters to GET BUSY!

Meaghan said...

That last one is so cute and funny. Nola looks so tiny! Isn't it amazing how a few months of food and love can make you fat and cute?

Simply Being Still... said...

They are beautiful!

Jennifer DeWitt said...

Your nieces are beautiful!

workout mommy said...

awww, what adorable pictures! I love the narration on the last one---so very true!