Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Love & Hate Tuesday

As inspired by Zandria.

Love: My boyfriend, Cam. I love Cam for many reasons, but one thing I especially love is his thoughtfulness. This past Saturday was my 'Champagne Birthday' and he made it incredibly special by planning the whole day. It began with some incredible presents (I'll have to 'show' y'all later), a lunch with my family and then a huge party at his house, where he did all the cleaning, cooking, set-up, etc.

Hate: Uncertainty. With economic times the way they are and with no end in sight (hi, no optimism about this today!), my financial situation is very stressful. While money isn't everything, the inadequacy I feel right now because of my lack of funds, and my inability to create any, is a burden I feel buried under.

Love: Lindt Lindor Truffles Stracciatella. Kole received some of these for her birthday in January and I couldn't get over how good they were.

Hate: Brussel sprouts. Seriously. Why would anyone eat them?!

Love: Living with one of my best friends and loving every minute of it. Everyone needs a Kole.

Hate: When people make fun of other people. While I have been guilty of this myself, it actually makes me feel sick when I listen to other people mock individuals. And some times what we hate the most, are things we hate about ourselves.


Zandria said...

Yay for being inspired! :)

I have to say, though...I love Brussels sprouts. I had some for dinner just last night!

andrea said...

I am so bummed we missed your party :( I hope you had an excellent birthday!

Meaghan said...

I hate that we missed your par-tay! Hope you had the best time. And I'm with you on the brussel sprouts. They make me want to vomit!

Stephanie said...

That is very thoughtful of him! The party sounds like fun! I'd have to agree on the brussel sprouts. But then again, I'm not big on most vegatables...