Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Road Trip 2008

A month ago, my sisters and I traveled to Florida to visit with our cousins, our aunt and our grandparents. We decided it was then or never, because with both Steph and Barb pregnant we imagine traveling five+ hours in a car is soon going to be an impossibility. And we had the best time.

And since this blog hasn't had a ridiculous photo post, the time was right. And you'll notice that it features the newest addition to our family, Taylor. She is my cousin Alisia's little girl. And I do mean little.

Before Steak 'n Shake.

After Steak 'n Shake.

Introducing Taylor:

With Steph's pregnant belly in view.


This was an extremely rare sight. She is a very happy baby.

My nana with Taylor.

Proving that I am not the only person who takes photos in the family.

My Aunt Gail.

Barb, Arin (my cousin and Alisia's sister) and Steph.

The cousins. And we didn't plan the outfits.

Who's the dumbass on the left?

My dad practicing for the arrival of his granddaughter and his grand(soon-to-be-known gender).

The old married ladies.

The hip, young single ones. Notice us flashing our non-ringed left hands.

A family tradition that can also be seen here and here. Notice that Alisia (on the far left) had a baby four months ago (when the photo was taken) and weighs less than she did pre-pregnancy.

My sisters, my best friends. *sniffle*


andrea said...

You guys are so cute! and taylor is adorable!

(oh, and yes, we are moving back to Atlanta this summer, so we definitely have to meet up!!)

Alli said...

Lovely photos!
I especially loved the 'ahhh!' picture of Taylor.
Glad you had an excellent road trip.

Meaghan said...

What a cute baby, and that's a lot of photos! Glad you girls got to take a trip together.

Slice of Pink said...

Sisters are the best!

Taylor is such a CUTIE!