Friday, January 18, 2008

Updated! Working out the bugs

**I finished the first item on 'the 108 in 2008' list! And it includes photos!

So, now I have made it so anyone can leave a comment on this blog. I apologize if you were unable to leave one yesterday. I still have some bugs to work out with the new blog.

And thanks for the encouraging feedback, even Chris. I know you are crochety, but I am sure you can find it in your heart to start visiting this blog instead of 'A Brit and his Grits'.

On a serious note, since I have so many international readers, many who had to learn a foreign language, I have a question. What were some of the best techniques your teachers/tutors used to help you learn a new language?

I am currently teaching English to a family on Thursday nights (the wife speaks English very well, but the husband just knows the alphabet and some basic phrases), and I want to make sure I incorporate tried-and-true methods. At English School on Tuesday nights we just use a book and practice sheets, etc, but I wanted some fresh ideas for a one-on-one setting. I really appreciate it!


Chris said...

At the risk of being an arse, I have to point out that numbers 15 and 39 on your list of 108 things are the same: Read "A Time Traveler's Wife."

As you'll apparently be needing a replacement thing, might I suggest the book "Freakonomics" which is an intellectually stimulating yet amusing nonfiction (and a quick read). Alternately, how about subscribing to (and reading) a new magazine? Meaghan loves "Real Simple." I am a big fan of "Fast Company."

CJ Miyake said...

I am an English Teacher in Japan. I am in the JET program and created a site for teachers to share ideas. If you have anything to share, or wouldn't mind checking the site out and giving me a little feedback I would love it. If you have ANY questions comments please let me know! The site is at

and you can email me at my personal email or at the site